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More Motion Equals Improved Health

Exercise and massage have one important element in common: they both get your body in motion. And as a general rule, more motion means improved health. Much of the media coverage on exercise seems to focus on looking better and losing weight. These are great goals, but apparently not good enough to inspire most people to exercise often. More important

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The Weight of the World

Neck and shoulder problems are among the most common complaints presented for massage therapists to address. It’s really no surprise when you look at this area of your body. The most obvious condition we all tend to experience is stress—that carrying “the weight of the world” on our shoulders. This tension we assign to our neck and shoulders may be

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How often should you receive massage?

Your massage regimen should be tailored to your individual needs Massage can play an important role in the treatment of a physical injury or help you maintain good condition by decreasing anxiety, helping you unwind and contributing to your overall feeling of well-being. Receiving massage regularly can assuage neck, shoulder and back trouble. Massage can bring peace of mind, many

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Swedish massage vs. deep tissue massage

Different massage therapy techniques address a variety of issues Massage therapy is not only relaxing, stress relieving, and therapeutic, but also offers a wide range of health benefits. A Swedish massage, combined with deep tissue massage, provides relaxation, relief from tension, stress and chronic pain, and improves circulation and blood flow. Alhough Swedish and deep tissue massage are often used together, the

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