Swedish massage vs. deep tissue massage

Different massage therapy techniques address a variety of issues

Massage therapy is not only relaxing, stress relieving, and therapeutic, but also offers a wide range of health benefits.

A Swedish massage, combined with deep tissue massage, provides relaxation, relief from tension, stress and chronic pain, and improves circulation and blood flow. Alhough Swedish and deep tissue massage are often used together, the techniques are quite different.

Swedish massage

While this massage is traditionally used for relaxation and stress relief, it also increases blood flow and improves circulation and oxygen flow in the blood. These effects result in reduced stress and tension.

Other benefits include insomnia relief and pain relief in upper muscle layers. The technique features long hand strokes with slow movements over the entire area, such as the shoulders, back, spine and hips. Other Swedish massage techniques include smooth knuckles moving slowly down either side of the spine or back-and-forth kneading motions to relax muscles and release tension.

Deep tissue massage

Massage therapists use deep tissue techniques when stress, tension and pain are held deep within muscle layers. One of the main differences between Swedish and deep tissue massage is the level of pressure needed. Therapists apply deep pressure with thumbs and fingers to relieve stress, tension and pain.

Therapists use the deep tissue technique to stretch muscles, relieve pain, and alleviate spasms and contractions deep within muscles. Additional vibration techniques help repair tissues, and elbows applied to the left or right of the spine flush toxins and allow healthy fluids to enter. Deep tissue therapy creates changes in motion, relieves inflammation and results in muscles that move easily.

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