Deep Tissue Massage

Excessive physical activity can cause deep muscular pain and joint distress. Deep-tissue massage helps warm and relax the muscles and improve range of motion. Combining traditional Swedish and deep, concentrated work on overly stressed and problematic areas, this massage helps break down knots and increase circulation to aid in muscle function, repair and elasticity.

Deep-tissue massage is really a misnomer. Also called therapeutic massage, numerous types and styles of massage therapy fall into the “deep tissue” category. It typically involves Swedish-based techniques and may include elements of sports massage, myo-fascial release, Shiatsu, myo-therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and/or many other styles. Deep tissue is a generalized classification encompassing many different types of work that all have one thing in common: depth of pressure. Almost all deep tissue forms of massage therapy have a specific treatment goal in mind, which may range from something as simple as reducing soreness to stopping migraine headaches.

At Be Well Bodyworks, massage therapy is a highly personalized experience. Tailored to your individual needs, your massage will draw upon a variety of techniques and modalities to help you relax and to address any specific areas of concern.

Membership Rates

30 Minute Massage $49

60 Minute Massage $99

90 Minute Massage $148

Walk-In Rates

30 Minute Massage $64

60 Minute Massage $129

90 Minute Massage $193