What are muscle knots?

How massage can help tight muscles

If you have ever had a muscle knot, you know that they’re painful and persistent. Some people are more prone to muscle knots than others, and they are commonly experienced in the back and neck.

If you’ve never experienced a muscle knot you are quite fortunate, but even if you have them regularly you may not understand the phenomenon.

So, what are muscle knots?

A muscle knot is a muscle tissue that has spasmed and won’t relax. The muscle in this area remains in a tense state that can cause extreme pain.

While many people think that muscle knots are a result of overworking a muscle, they are actually more common in people who have a sedentary lifestyle. Slouching can also lead to muscle knots, so if you sit and work at a computer throughout the day, pay attention to your posture. Staying well hydrated can also help prevent them.

The spasmed muscle can build up extra protein and toxins that may eventually lead to scar tissue. The best thing you can do to loosen up the muscle tissue is to subject the area to targeted and focused massage.

A professional massage therapist can target the muscle knot with deep tissue massage and hot stones that will coax the muscle into relaxing out of its permanently tense state. Once a professional has helped relax the muscle, you can continue to massage the impacted area two to three times a day at home, returning to the massage therapist at regular intervals until the knot is completely gone.

If you have a muscle knot, don’t just live with the pain. Please contact us, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment for you with a skilled massage therapist in Longmont.