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Use our online scheduling system to book your next appointment.

Scheduling FAQs

Of course this is your day. Everyday is your day at Be Well Bodyworks.

A few reminders when scheduling online:

  1. If you have been in to see us before, you already have an account even if you have not signed up online. Enter your email and click on forgot password so you do not create a double account.
  2. You pay for your session in full first, then you can schedule your appointment. If you have a Well Being Program credit, you do not have to prepay.
  3. If you are a part of our Well Being Program, you receive discounts on each service! Look for the drop down option Well Being when paying for your discount.
  4. You can book 1 hour before your desired appointment. If is 4:01pm you will not be able to book a 5:00pm. You need to call in to the front desk at 303-652-3533 to book your appointment.
  5. If you have a gift card, a spa finder gift card, or any other discounts you can book online. You will enter your credit card first for our no-show/late cancel policy. Then you will be able to pay with your gift card.
  6. You must pay for your appointment first, if you have a credit (Well Being Program or 4-Pack) you do not have to prepay.
  7. You will receive a payment confirmation and a booking confirmation for you appointment.
  8. Make sure that you receive a booking confirmation email to confirm your appointment was successfully scheduled.

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