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What causes tight muscles and stiff joints?

Tight muscles and stiff joints often have little to do with aging and more to do with lack of activity. So, if you are active and healthy, why are you experiencing stiff joints and tight muscles? Below are a few possible culprits: Dehydration Too much sitting/inactivity Whiplash or a bad fall Inflammation To counteract the effects of these conditions, try

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Massage for pain management

Easing pain with massage therapy Technology has done some amazing things for humanity, but it has also unintentionally set us up for chronic pain by encouraging us to live a sedentary lifestyle. Some studies show that sitting for long periods of time has a direct link to chronic back pain, leg pain, anxiety and many other ailments. According to the

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The benefits of yoga

Be Well Bodyworks now offers therapeutic yoga In the Boulder and Longmont areas, we know there are thousands of yoga devotees. We are lucky to live in a place where people place such an emphasis on their health and well-being, and many options are available to take classes and join studios that specialize in a variety of yoga approaches. At

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Integrated medicine: A new approach to well-being

Massage, nutrition and other complementary health services You may have seen recent headlines discussing the idea of complementary medicine, or integrated medicine, as a new approach to treating the whole body. While the approach is anything but new – many types of complementary medicine have been around for thousands of years – more traditional medical doctors and institutions seem to

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Reflexology has ancient origins

As a complement to massage, reflexology can improve overall well-being Here at Be Well Bodyworks, we recently expanded our service offerings to include reflexology. With a focus on the feet, this service can stand alone or complement your regular massage regimen. It is an ancient practice, with origins in Egypt, that continues to provide benefits to individuals today. If you

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