Using Sombra with massage for pain relief

Massage gels and products to enhance pain relief

Sombra is a natural pain relieving gel. According to Sombra, it is made without artificial or irritating ingredients like fragrances, harsh chemicals, silicones and parabens.

Sombra offers a few different products to address various needs:

Warm Pain Relief – This product helps relieve pain with a relaxing, soothing and comfortable warming sensation. The warm pain relief therapy has a orange-citrus smell, and Sombra recommends it for small aches and chronic pains.

Cool Pain Relief – The cool pain relief delivers a feeling similar to an ice pack, without the ice. It has a pleasant lemon scent. Sombra recommends it for recent injuries or “acute conditions.”

Massage Gel – Sombra’s natural massage gel is made with coconut oil for glide and absorption. It also can be clean out of sheets easily.

Sombra only sells its products through health care professionals. While using products to help with pain relief is beneficial, pairing them with massages helps increase the benefits.

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