The importance of hydration

Drink plenty of water before and after your massage

A massage is a wonderful way to release stress and tension in the body after a long week at work or following strenuous athletic activity. People who receive massages on a regular basis are more likely to have better circulation and to enjoy a higher level of well-being.

We invite you to discover how massage therapy can become a part of your regular, healthy routine, and it is our goal to help you maximize the benefits of your sessions with us. To achieve that goal, it is important to take care of your body before, during and after your massage – and one key component to that care is hydration.
Your body needs water, and the amount you require depends on your activity level. As you lose water through perspiration, urine and breathing, you need to replenish your body by drinking an average of 9-13 cups of water per day. If you are an athlete, or if you live it a hot or dry climate, you may need more water each day.
A well-hydrated body helps in the transporting of oxygen through the cells in the body. It helps protect organs, helps dissolve nutrients for absorption, regulates your temperature and more. Drinking water will keep the body hydrated and the proper fluid flowing to your muscle tissue and vital organs.

Think of your massage session as a workout for your muscles. It can release toxins, and some people can experience lethargy or pain after massage. Drinking adequate amounts of water both before and after your massage can help offset these after-massage effects, so be sure to hydrate well the day of your massage – and every day.

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