Massage and injury prevention, recovery

Keep your muscles in top shape with the help of massage

You’ve heard it often: Prevention is better than cure. When it comes to sports and athletic activities, prevention plays a huge part in helping you avoid unnecessary injuries. Well-maintained muscles are stronger and more flexible and, therefore, less injury-prone.

Still not convinced? Here are five top reasons to use regular massage to help prevent injury and recover from existing injuries:

Help with healing

You are familiar with the aftermath of strenuous exercise: pain and soreness. Your joints may be stiff and your muscles ache, but massage can help relieve that tension. According to initial research, massage tames inflammation and helps cell recovery to promote healing.

Restore flexibility

Over time, overworked muscles become tightly wound, losing their ability to relax. Lack of flexibility predisposes you to injury, especially muscle pulls and tears. To prevent that, work in massages in between sports activities.

Increase blood flow

Overworked muscles can also impede blood flow. Blood flow is crucial as it delivers much-needed oxygen and nutrients to your muscles when you exercise. Massage can relieve tense and overworked muscle to ensure maximized blood flow.

Reduce injury 

If you’re prone to hamstring strains, use massage to keep your muscles strong and nimble. An experienced therapist can help to identify any tight knots or lumps to loosen tightness. If left untreated, they may become a weak point for future injury.

Feel relaxed

Feeling relaxed after a massage is an added bonus. It boosts your general wellness and well-being. When you feel relaxed and have less pain and fewer aches, you will find more incentive to keep up your athletic activities.

So, don’t wait until you have an injury to get a massage. Rather, use it as a preventive measure. In some instances of injury, it may be advisable to delay massage until your body is ready.

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