Massage and healthy living

Support your muscles’ ability to exercise and recover with massage therapy

In a world in which the words “healthy living” encompass different and opposing ideas, where fad diets fall in and out of fashion almost weekly, it is difficult to know exactly what you should do to really care for your body. An ancient belief, which has recently received a lot more attention from researchers and experts, is the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and massage.
We know that exercise is key to a healthy life, but we also know that exercise can be hard on the body. When a person exercises, micro-fractures in the muscle cells cause a body to become stiff and sore; especially if the exercise is new or has increased in intensity. The fractures are necessary to build muscle and retrain the body; however, they are technically damage. Cells will send S.O.S. signals to the brain, and the surrounding fibers will stiffen to protect the cells from further damage.

Massage helps recovery by moving more fluid through the affected areas, which helps them heal faster. The touch of the massage therapist offers new stimuli for the nerves, which allows them to register pressure rather than pain.

Finally, the touch techniques the therapist uses will gently persuade the surrounding fibers and connective tissue to release, allowing the muscle groups to return to their default of a more elastic state. This allows the body to recover faster from a hard workout and get back in the zone with minimal down time.

If you have worked your body hard and would like to learn more about how massage can be part of a healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to contact us.