Improve both your physical and mental well-being with massage

Massage offers physical and mental benefits

The use of massage to treat aches and pains has been around for thousands of years. For a long time, massage therapy has been looked at merely as a way to treat oneself and relax. Over the past decade, massage therapy has gained traction and is finally being recognized as an incredibly effective method for both physical and mental relief.

Almost a quarter of all American adults have received a massage at least once in the past year – and for good reason. Massage therapy has a wide array of health benefits, both physical and mental/emotional.

Physical benefits of massage

The most common reason to seek massage treatment is for physical benefits, including:

  • Reduces lower-back pain, commonly caused by past injuries
  • Alleviates tension in all parts of the body; most often the neck, shoulders, back, hips and feet
  • Helps prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and range of motion in joints and muscles
  • Increases blood and oxygen flow throughout the body to improve circulation
  • Reduces muscle spasms and cramping
  • Relieves pain from headaches and migraines
  • Releases endorphins, which are the natural painkiller within the human body

Mental health benefits of massage

There is a wide array of mental/emotional benefits that accompany massage therapy as well:

  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Increased clarity and concentration
  • Sleep quality is improved from fewer physical aches and pains
  • Reduced mental and physical fatigue
  • Stress management

Fast-paced, hectic schedules and responsibilities can take a toll. Over time, people become both physically and mentally drained. Massage therapy complements a healthy lifestyle and can help you alleviate the effects of physical and mental stress.

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