Give your body a boost with Swedish massage

Five key benefits of Swedish massage

Do you have tight muscles? Have you been feeling stressed lately? If so, then you might consider seeing a licensed massage therapist for a Swedish massage. Below are just five reasons why this type of massage could be right for you:

Increased circulation and blood flow. The varying pressure that a massage therapist will use helps to break down obstructions within the muscles and encourages blood to flow. This increase in circulation and blood flow brings much-needed nutrients to muscles.

Increased flexibility. Muscles, tendons and ligaments have a tendency to tighten up over time, resulting in limited flexibility. Massage therapists can use techniques that will loosen up these tight spots and allow for greater range of motion.

Improved lymphatic drainage. Massage can also help stimulate the lymphatic system by urging slow-moving pockets to drain. The continual movement of this system is extremely important because it is your body’s way of ridding itself of dead cells, bacteria and toxins.

Reduced stress and muscle tension. When under stress, muscles tend to tighten. However, if the muscles have difficulty loosening up after the stressful event has passed, it can lead to other problems like headaches and increased blood pressure. A massage will encourage those muscles to relax, returning them to their natural state.

Strengthened immune system. Stress and everyday environmental factors can tax an immune system, as will high levels of cortisol. If levels are too high, it can weaken the immune system. Massage therapy can help bring those levels down into a normal range while helping to fight off a seasonal virus or infection.

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