Deep tissue massage can ease pain, stress

Benefits of deep tissue massage

Many people experience muscle pain and tension on a daily basis. Massage therapy is a great way to loosen up and get rid of that built-up muscle tension.

In some cases, extra pressure is needed to fully relax the body and relieve pain. A deep tissue massage is much like a Swedish massage, but with deeper pressure and more focus on the deeper layers of the muscle.

Although this type of massage is more intense than others, it offers many benefits. The massage shouldn’t be painful, but will be more focused on areas of tension. This type of massage is great for treating a number of issues:

Chronic pain

Those who experience chronic pain in the back or other areas might benefit from a deep tissue massage. By increasing blood flow in the body, the massage can help to reduce inflammation and associated pain.


Many people experience muscle pain as a result of stress. Those who sit at a desk all day are especially vulnerable to getting muscle knots, which result in back pain. Deep tissue massage techniques can work out these knots and help you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

Injured muscles

Deep tissue massage is a great option for those trying to heal an injured muscle. The technique promotes healing of tight or damaged muscles and helps relieve the associated pain. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe medical massage to help treat an injury.

Deep tissue massage can be a great relief for a number of conditions. Contact us to find out more about deep tissue massage or to book your appointment today.