Integrated medicine: A new approach to well-being

Massage, nutrition and other complementary health services You may have seen recent headlines discussing the idea of complementary medicine, or integrated medicine, as a new approach to treating the whole body. While the approach is anything but new – many types of complementary medicine have been around for thousands of years – more traditional medical doctors and institutions seem to

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Creating a sense of personal peace this holiday season

How to tame stress and enjoy this time of year So many of our clients tell us that they enjoy visiting our center because it gives them a break from their often stressful routine. Here, they can settle in with a cup of tea and then turn off their brain during a soothing and therapeutic massage. Our aim is to

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Five tips for de-stressing

Managing stress is vital for a healthy lifestyle The world is a busy place. We spend our days balancing work, home and other obligations. We often neglect ourselves, causing us to feel overwhelmed and “stressed out.” Here are five tips on how to alleviate that stress and rebalance your life: Breathe. Deep breathing exercises have been proven to be one

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