Massage for Neck and Shoulder tension in Longmont, CO

During the busy summer months we often find ourselves with subtle tension creeping into our neck and settling into our shoulders. Some days we feel like we are carrying added weight. Busy summer schedules filled with our favorite activities, family BBQ’s and various lessons for the kids can add to our enjoyment but also to our stress levels. There is always something to do!

Neck and shoulder problems are among the most common complaints presented for massage therapists to address. When tight muscles impinge on the nerves in the neck and shoulders it can lead to headaches, breathing difficulties, neck, shoulder, chest, arm, wrist and/ or hand pain. In other words, sometimes the area where you feel the pain may not be the actual source of the pain. The good news is that massage can alleviate these referred pains by addressing the source of the problem. And many of these points are located in the neck and shoulder area. Other things that may be causing problems include sleeping in an awkward position, sitting too long at your work station, cradling the phone with your neck, carrying a heavy bag or suitcase, or a infant! Massage can relax the tension in your muscles and other soft tissues, help to increase range of motion, restore flexibility, and increase the blood flow through the area. Let Be Well help you leave the weight of the world behind for a while and unwind a little!   

Do you have any specific problem areas need special attention? Please discuss your needs with your therapist at the start of each session. We want to make sure you get the best possible results from each and every massage. I appreciate you placing your trust in Be Well Bodyworks and allowing us to be a part of your continuing health (and relaxation) program. Call us at 303-652-3533 or book now at