What is an Ashiatsu Massage?

The Surprising Benefits of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Back pain will plague 80 percent of the U.S. population this year. Most people are familiar with the aches and pains that come from everyday activities. But what if a quick stretch after hunching over your desk or working outside all day is not enough to relieve your back pain? Are you interested in a natural and effective way to relieve sore muscles and relax?

Ashiatsu massage is a deep tissue massage with a twist. The licensed therapist uses their feet to manipulate pressure on your back and other large muscle groups.

Someone stepping on your back may sound a bit strange. But before you dismiss ashiatsu massage for being too weird, you should learn the proven benefits to this growing style of massage.

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

Ashiatsu Oriental bar therapy began in Asia in the 12th century. This style of massage made its way to western cultures in the 1990s. Ruthie Hardee created the first approved course for a barefoot massage technique in the United States.

Traditional massage with hands can take a toll on the practitioner’s fingers, forearms, and back. Ashiatsu massage uses the therapist’s feet and body weight to apply pressure.

The therapist administering the massage uses the bars above to balance and apply just the right amount of pressure to your back or limbs.

What to Expect During an Ashiatsu Massage

During an ashiatsu massage, the licensed therapist uses deep and broad strokes. These are similar to Swedish massage techniques.

You should not feel pain during this style of massage. Relaxation and release are key components of an ashiatsu massage session.

The deep pressure applied with the feet is not possible to replicate with hands alone. Expect to feel muscle tension disappear!

Many therapists using this method combine it with more traditional massage techniques. They can then target smaller and larger muscle groups with ease. While they will be using their feet for the majority of the experience, they may also use hands or other tools as needed.

Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage

This massage style is especially good for athletes or those who prefer deep pressure massages. Ashiatsu massage offers the benefits of deep tissue massage without the discomfort of acupressure therapies.

Feet provide a broader stroke than hands. This lessens the sharp pressure while creating more release throughout the muscle fibers.

Hands and fingers are good for smaller muscle work or directed pressure. Hands and forearms wear out fast than your core or leg muscles. When the therapist can use other limbs during the massage, you and other patients will receive higher-quality massages.

Massages increase blood flow to muscles. More blood flow improves sore spots and improves recovery times from tough workouts.

Without the pain from trigger point massage, you will be able to relax your mind along with your body. Tension and worry melt away during an ashiatsu massage.

Massage: Good for Your Mind and Body

Ashiatsu massage is one style of massage that can offer a variety of benefits. This unique massage style allows the recipient to relax while loosening tight and sore muscles.

Ready to start feeling better? Our team of therapists and professionals will help ease your aches and your worrying mind. Explore all the options for massage therapy and reach out to our team today!