Treat Mom to a Massage

Or treat yourself and enjoy massage’s many health benefits

Traditional Mother’s Day celebrations often include brunch and flowers. While we love both of those things, perhaps the one thing Mom needs is an excuse to take a break from it all and unwind? Surprising her with a gift certificate for massage is a great way to say thank you for all she does and to encourage her to do something nice for herself and her health.

Massage spa days are a great way to relax, but massages offer so many additional benefits beyond that, including:

  • Pain relief. Muscle soreness from sitting at a desk all day or not sleeping well can be eased with massage.
  • Better sleep. Massage can boost relaxation, release tension and support restful sleep.
  • Improved circulation. Good circulation supports so many other systems in the body, and massage can help.
  • Stress relief. Just taking a break from routine can impact stress levels, but massage takes it to the next level as it helps lessen tension in the body.
  • Strengthened immune system. Massage can stimulate your lymph system to work more efficiently, giving you an immunity boost.

This Mother’s Day, show Mom you care about her and her health and treat her to a massage. Let her know she deserves it.

To learn more about massage therapy and to give the gift of massage to yourself or someone you love, contact us today.