Setting Your Sights for a Bright, Energetic Spring

By Linda Engelbrecht, Nutrition Consultant

Spring is just around the corner and I use this time to look at the year ahead as well as clean out any old patterns or habits that no longer serve me. Following are 4 helpful tips that I do every spring to ensure I get the most out of this season:

  1. What do I need this Spring? I use the natural rhythms of the seasons to set different goals for myself. During the Winter months, for example, I slow down and move more of my focus inward where I acknowledge and celebrate the things or people that give me energy. Winter is where I do most of my creative thinking and come up with new projects that I might implement in the Spring. Each Spring I always ask myself “where do I want to focus my energy this season?”
  2. Incorporate Spring Foods. Mother Nature has a beautiful way of transitioning from the colder winter months to the more vibrant spring and summer months and I pattern my eating habits around this as well. When the weather starts warming up, I add more energetic foods, sprouted foods and foods higher in water content to sustain me as my energy levels increase. I bring back my green vegetable smoothies, fruits and salads and, I tap into my creative energy by bring new flavors into my world. Last year I rediscovered the delicious, high protein goji berries.
  3. Spring is a Time for Movement. After spending time in the winter months contemplating the ideas rolling around in my head, Spring is a time to implement these ideas. It is a time to try new things, to be noticed, and to move. There is a natural energy to spring that I try and tap into and let the Spring warmth and energy fill me up. I spend more time outdoors in the garden or just enjoy Mother Nature’s natural glory. Every day I bring some sort of movement into my life.
  4. Reset and Recharge with a Spring Cleanse. For me a food-based cleanse has become an important part of this season. For three weeks in April I choose to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, soy, peanuts, chocolate and alcohol from my diet. At the same time, I add whole, organic, home-cooked foods to help rebalance my entire system. I concentrate on supercharging my gut microbiome, supporting my liver and enhancing my immune system in order to support my health. My body feels wonderful after the Cleanse and I let this feeling springboard me into enjoying the rest of the year.

Spring is a beautiful time of year and I celebrate the opportunities, the new growth, the life of the season. I invite you to join me for my Spring Cleanse in April and enjoy the season with me. Even if you’ve never done anything like it before, this Cleanse can be customized to you, so I encourage everyone to try it. For more information about the Spring Cleanse, contact Linda Engelbrecht at [email protected].