Massage for Your Health: How Does Massage Improve Your Health?

Some people think massages are indulgent and luxurious. They can be, certainly. However, the health benefits of massage are the primary focus of many modern massage therapy businesses.  Massage fuses Eastern and Western medicine methods to help reduce stress, ease muscle pain, improve circulation, boost general wellness.

Is Massage Good for Your Health

The body communicates through symptoms. Too much stress results in stagnant energy, manifesting as chronic ailments and disease. Getting a massage for health reasons means moving that energy back into balance.

There many different types of massage, including prenatal massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, craniosacral, and other techniques to target your ailments. Knowing the reason for your service beforehand helps your massage therapist cater your service to your specific needs. What kind of massage resonates with you? Do you need a clinical massage or an integrative one?

Aside from general relaxation and stree reduction, the health benefits of massage include:

  • Restoration
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Decreased inflammation

How to Improve Health Through Massage

Choosing the right massage for your condition requires a level of awareness. Learning what you need kickstarts the recovery process.

Ask yourself:

  • What symptoms do I wish to improve?
  • What type of massage might help me achieve this goal?
  • What’s the most therapeutic service for me right now?

Also, consider if your symptoms are acute or chronic. Effective bodywork comes from the massage as well as the guidance you provide your massage therapist.

Getting a massage for your health is self-care 101. Talking to your massage therapist about your intention can help them help you.

Blending Eastern and Western Medicine

Massage is a versatile practice. It embraces Eastern medicine like mindfulness and targeting trigger points. It’s also scientifically backed by Western medicine, such as a musculoskeletal release method.

Massage helps the following ailments.

The Be Well Bodyworks Approach

Be Well Bodyworks has a holistic self-care approach to cater to your needs. We explain the benefits of massage for health on paper and prove them to you through our diverse treatments.

If you’re ready to be well, we’re here to help make that happen. Book an appointment with us today to see why getting a massage for your health is unlike anything else.