Hot Stone Massage

Heat from stones can enhance the benefits of massage therapy


No one needs an excuse to get a massage. A massage is such a relaxing treat that a lot of people enjoy the benefits of massage on a regular basis. However, massage can also be used therapeutically to alleviate muscle soreness and provide relief from persistent aches and pains.


Hot stone massage is an excellent tool for dissolving knots in muscles that have formed over time due to muscle strain or injury. The heat of the stone increases circulation to the muscle and helps it to release tension. When a therapist places a hot stone on the tissue and uses the stone to gently massage the impacted area, the muscle relaxes and allows the therapist to manipulate the surrounding tissues with greater ease.


Using hot stones allows a massage therapist to achieve the benefits of a deep tissue massage without having to use the same degree of pressure. When a client has an area that is already sore and causing pain, hot stone massage is a nice option for a more gentle, therapeutic treatment.


There is no reason to be nervous about the hot stones, you can always tell your massage therapist if a stone is too hot. Most people find the entire process soothing and relaxing.

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