Deep tissue massage addresses a range of issues

Pain, migraines, stress and more can be relieved through deep tissue massage.

Sometimes, playing a sport or doing other strenuous activity can leave your body sore, tense and tired. Doing a lot of heavy lifting with poor form can leave pain in your back and knots in your neck and shoulders. Even something as simple as sitting at a desk for work can stress your back muscles and leave you stiff.

Deep tissue massage refers to a broad range of massage techniques that are used to address various issues. Using firm pressure, a deep tissue massage gets into your muscles to work out tension and loosen the knots. Other deep tissue techniques address migraine headaches or soreness.

People with chronic pain in the neck, back or shoulders often find relief through deep tissue massage. In addition, injury sites can be treated and soothed with deep tissue techniques that address adhesions – or bands of rigid tissue – and reduced circulation around the site. With the aid of massage oils and lotions, the massage therapist physically breaks down adhesions to improve circulation.

This concentrated work can sometimes result in some stiffness or soreness following your massage, so it is important to rest and drink plenty of water after your session.

All types of deep tissue massage have a specific purpose, so communication with your massage therapist is important. Tell him or her which areas are bothering you and if you are experiencing bothersome issues, such as migraines, before your session begins. Each session is tailored to each individual’s needs, and no two people are alike.

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