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Jennine Licensed Massage Therapist

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist
Jennine (J9) is an award-winning massage and fitness specialist with over 15 years of therapeutic massage experience, and a passion for treating postural correction and muscular imbalance, particularly for jaw, head, neck, hip, and shoulder function. Her personal interest in improv comedy shows up in her supportive, lighthearted approach to keep clients motivated (and smiling!) so their movement forward is both manageable and successful. While J9 has a particular passion for working with seniors… (and puppets), we’re all seniors in training and we do not become seniors overnight. J9 can help at any point along the way to build a lifestyle conducive to active, healthy, pain-free living and aging. Awards: “Best Of” Longmont: Health Consultant (2019); National Finalist for Silversneakers Instructor of the Year (2020)