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Diane, Massage Therapist

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist
Diane's general approach is therapeutic massage is addressing “projects” that present themselves but elements of relaxation are a part of every session. Diane’s specialties include Ashiatsu, Cupping Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Intraoral TMJ Therapy and Post -Surgical Massage. In 2014, Diane began teaching massage and is passionate about sharing her expertise and inspiring massage therapists to expand their knowledge! Diane was drawn to Massage Therapy in 2009 via her hospice volunteer work and recognizes her role as one of facilitator. She intends her work to support you in self-correction, allowing the brilliant design of the human body to demonstrate its ability to heal itself. Diane loves asking questions of the one who knows their body best- you! She finds joy and fascination in hearing your unique story- with the details allowing her to help guide you back towards balance. Diane’s daily meditation and yoga practices help keep her grounded and open to living her best life through the lens of loving awareness. She enjoys “hiking” (aka leisurely strolls in nature) and SUP is her new favorite summer activity! She has 3 grown sons and is fortunate to be allowed to live with 3 kitties in their home!