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Di, Licensed Massage Therapist

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist
Di gives a focused, deep tissue integrated with trigger point massage. Great for someone who likes very deep work. She is also skilled in cupping, and hot stone which adds relaxation to the session while getting results for her clients. She became interested in massage, and was quick to learn and adapt to deep tissue techniques. Her mom’s praise for her excellent skill made her realize that she should attend massage school. She learned both Western style massage and Thai, which is stretching. She graduated and became a licensed massage therapist in 2017. She loves it when she can get a generally tense person to unwind. In her free time she likes to play board games and trivia. Her cat Mystic brings joy to her life, and always interjects herself into whatever activity her human is doing. Mystic can open doors and understand both English and Chinese and is a wonderful companion.