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Chase, Licensed Massage Therapist

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist
Chase loves doing deep tissue massage work with lots of traction, compression, and pin and stretch techniques. He really appreciates working with clients who are ready to actively participate in their transformation! Chase has a diverse set of interests beyond bodywork–neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy are at the top of his list. Massage therapy isn't just a job to him, it's an art that weaves all of his passions into a single process. Chase feels that bodywork is a way to reshape and integrate a person's mind, body and emotions into one harmonious rhythm. Massage can be a way to rebuild the connection between one's self and one's physical being. Helping someone reestablish a healthy relationship with their body not only affects them, but can also aid in growing healthy connections that reach into the relationships that person has with everyone around them. In short, it's generating a positive change in the world, one person at a time. To put someone into better connection with their body is to put them back into their life. Fun facts: huge coffee guy, plays the banjo but listens to heavy metal, philosopher, yoga teacher, and guy who loves working with his hands – artist, carpenter, mechanic and much more!