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Austin, Massage Therapist

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist
Austin brings a professional and grounded presence to any session. His love for Massage Therapy is rooted in its proven abilities to bring balance to the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. As a trauma-informed therapist and someone who is greatly invested in their own personal healing - he has a direct experiential understanding of the personally complex nature of trauma and how to restore balance to the body within the scope of Massage Therapy. He has additional training in Neuromuscular Therapy which allows him to assess pain patterns and treat soft tissue related injuries. Austin was born between the oldest mountains in the world - the Appalachian Mountains- and the Atlantic Ocean in the Piedmont of North Carolina. He has spent most of his life there traversing between the two. He recently moved to Colorado to fulfill his adventurous nature and to see what he can offer to the west as well as what the west can offer him. He loves his cat, Jade. In his off time, you can find him deeply contemplating the mysterious miracles of existence, joyously hiking the flatirons for hours on end, enjoying nature in all her fabulous forms, and writing about all of it.