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Andie B, Official Kitchen Supervisor, Crumb Patrol Officer, and Guest Greeter

Position:Official Kitchen Supervisor, Crumb Patrol Officer, and Door and Guest Greeter
Andie B, our beloved Yorkshire terrier, has been an inseparable part of the Be Well Bodyworks family since she was a tiny 9-week-old pup. Not only does she hold the esteemed title of Be Well's mascot, but she also assumes several important roles, including that of the Official Kitchen Supervisor, Crumb Patrol Officer, and Guest Greeter. Andie possesses a serene and mellow disposition that perfectly complements the atmosphere of relaxation and well-being we strive to create at Be Well Bodyworks. Her presence during massage sessions, where she enjoys the energy work and indulges in peaceful naps, adds an extra layer of tranquility to our space. When she's not attending to her official duties, you'll often find Andie charming clients and brightening everyone's day with her warm greetings and infectious enthusiasm. In between these heartwarming interactions, she takes well-deserved naps. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Andie is a playful spirit who relishes the thrill of chasing squirrels, engaging with her favorite toys, and embarking on exciting adventures when she ventures outside the office. Andie B is more than just a Yorkshire terrier; she's a cherished member of the Be Well Bodyworks family, spreading joy and happiness to all who cross her path each day.