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Allison, M.ED. 500 RYT, HFS, CPT, Yoga Specalist

Position:Yoga Therapist
Allison believes our physical health directly affects our mental and emotional well-being. She has been helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through yoga, personal training & exercise since 2006. Allison holds her master's degree in Exercise Science, and her extensive anatomy & biomechanics training have given her the tools to work with a variety of clients including seniors, athletes, teens, and those suffering from chronic pain. She strongly believes that yoga is adaptable for every body and that proper modifications and adjustments can help relieve current pain or prevent future damage. Allison is also the co-owner of the enLIGHTen program, a coaching program that helps individuals lose weight and gain more energy by learning healthy behaviors through the use of the yoga chakra system. When she’s not at Be Well Bodyworks, she’s either playing outside or traveling around the country training new yoga teachers.