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Spring Cleanse

Do you struggle with low energy, have unexplained aches, pains or brain fog, or just want to feel more vibrant?

Join us for a 21-day food-based cleanse and incorporate clean, seasonal, nutritious foods into your routine. Why do a cleanse in the spring? The goal is to support the body’s natural process of transitioning from winter to spring so you can enjoy radiant health throughout the warmer months!

Group Sessions: April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th 6:30-7:30pm

Just as the earth benefits from the change of seasons, the body can benefit from the processes of shedding and renewal. The spring is an ideal time to let go of the things that aren’t benefiting you and to ponder the new things you may want to bring into your life. By caring for yourself in this way, you can experience positive transformation on multiple levels. A cleanse is a gentle, life supporting experience, so relax, enjoy and renew!


Your Kit Includes:

30 Min Consulting Session with our nutritionist

Weekly group sessions with snacks

Recipe book and Grocery list

21 day guide

Cleanse Powder

Cleanse Tea


Be Well Candle

Discounts on Massage Therapy and Wellness Services

$175 per person, or $150 each for 2 or more

Email [email protected] or Call 303-652-3533 to start your spring renewal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this cleanse all about?

This cleanse introduces clean eating to your diet so that the burden we place on our bodies is reduced, our organs function better, and toxins that we naturally store in our systems are gently eliminated.

Why do I need to cleanse?

We consume toxins every day through our foods, plastics, the air we breathe, the body products we use, etc., and if we don’t help our body eliminate these toxins, inflammation is often the result.  A particular concern is that if we continue to ignore the body’s warning signs, then the symptoms might escalate and it may turn into a disease.

What if I’ve never done a cleanse before?

This cleanse is completely adjustable so that you can address your specific needs. For example, you may want to set a goal to eat only organic foods for the 21 days the cleanse takes place.  Or you may want to start eating three balanced meals a day so that you get the nutrients your body needs.  Of you may want to attend the meetings and not adjust your diet at this time so that you can learn about the local spring foods that are available in your area.  Whatever you choose, the Certified Nutrition Consultant will be available to help support and guide you through this important process.

What if I don’t know what part of the cleanse I want to do?

We encourage everyone to ask questions until they are comfortable going forward with the cleanse that is right for them.  If you are the type that just wants to jump right in, then sign up for the cleanse and start learning with us.  It is certainly alright to start out slow and then build your way up to the level you would like.  Another option is to set aside time twice a year and join us for the Spring and Fall Cleanses.  That way everything you learn from one cleanse will build on itself and eventually these cleanses will become a lifestyle rather than just 21 days of eating clean foods.

I want to eat better foods, I’m just not sure how to go about doing it.

This cleanse comes with over 100 different recipes and 21 daily meal plans so all you have to do is follow the directions as you prepare your foods.  If you don’t like to cook 3 meals per day, we’ve provided suggestions on how to prepare larger quantities and then enjoy the results of your efforts the rest of the week.  The recipes are there for your use, otherwise, you are welcome to continue to use your own favorite foods if you like.

What if I need a bigger challenge? 

The cleanse also offers an elimination portion to your diet.  We suggest eliminating the foods we most often consume — and over consume — in order to 1) give our bodies a temporary break from these foods, 2) introduce new foods that we haven’t tried before, and 3) see if these foods cause a reaction in our body.  The foods we suggest eliminating are: gluten, dairy, soy, corn, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, peanuts, processed sugar.

Do I have to do the elimination portion of the cleanse?  

No, you don’t have to do anything.  The elimination portion is entirely up to you.  You may elect to eliminate a few of the foods suggested or you may want to pick your own foods that you think might be bothering you.  Any step or steps you take to understand what foods are better for your particular body type will only make you that much healthier. 

Does the cleanse help with weight loss?

While this is not, necessarily, the focus of the cleanse, weight is often a form of inflammation in the body and the cleanse certainly helps with inflammation.  By identifying and eliminating foods that don’t agree with your particular body type, you are 1) reducing inflammation, and 2) helping your body run more efficiently and, as a result, you may enjoy some weight loss. 

What can I expect from the cleanse?

This cleanse can offer you so much!!  No matter where you are in your journey, this cleanse can help guide you to a healthier, more balanced body.  Here are just a few of the results past participants have experienced:

  • A greater understanding of whole foods and how they impact our health
  • Organic foods and how we can help our farmers
  • Seasonal foods and what are the best flavors for spring and summer
  • New, tasty recipes that you can enjoy for many months
  • Connecting with nature and appreciating it’s bounty
  • Meeting new people in a warm and caring environment
  • Tasting new snacks that you can immediately cook for your family
  • A complete understanding of some of the foods your body may be sensitive to
  • Mindful eating habits and the enjoyment you can get from fixing a beautiful meal

How much time do I have to commit to?

We offer options for this as well.  If you want to do everything at home, you can purchase a complete Cleanse Kit and go at your own pace.  If you are motivated by weekly group meetings, then we offer four evening meeting in April… that’s four hours total.

Do I have to cook?

Maybe. Is putting a salad together considered cooking?  Is mixing up a smoothie in a blender going to be difficult for you? Whether you have to cook or not is going to depend on where you are at with your current cooking habits.  Maybe this cleanse is going to offer you the chance to discontinue eating store-bought cookies or any foods you know you eat too much of.  Reducing foods that don’t offer many nutrients and, at the same time, increasing food that offer essential vitamins and minerals that you need, maybe all the cleanse you need at this time.   Recipes will be provided so if you would like to try your hand in the kitchen, you will have plenty of tasty options to choose from.  

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 630 Coffman St Unit B, Longmont CO 80501