Corporate Wellness

Massage and Wellness have not only gone mainstream – it’s gone corporate. Companies big and small have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace, and they are using massage as a way to attract and keep employees.

Massage is one of the most frequently mentioned CAM modalities (Complementary and Alternative Health Modality) Since 1992 – National Institutes of Health Studies has been tracking the benefits of Corporate Wellness, as has the Hospital Based Massage Network. All the research shows the Cost- effectiveness of incorporating massage and wellness into the workplace.

The top 5 reason why massage therapy and wellness should be in the workplace:

  1. Increased moral and productivity
    • When Fortune Magazine featured the best 100 companies to work for they emphasized corporate perks such as this type of therapy. These benefits were shown to empower workers and positively affect the success of the business.
  2. Relief of Stress and Fatigue
    • Taking a moment to take care of yourself outside of the office with massage relaxes the muscles and smooth’s the spirit. Workers surveyed by the Time Magazine preferred massage over coffee breaks!
  3. It Opens the mind and increases alertness
    • Massage clears thinking and releases the individual’s innate creativity. “A 15 Minute massage increases alertness and performance,” reports Dr. Tiffany Fields in Life Magazines 8 page cover story on massage.
  4. It frees the body, enhances the emotional wellbeing and reduces the damaging effects of stress.
    • The Miami Research Institute of Florida reported that office workers who were massaged completed a math test more quickly and with fewer errors!
  5. It increases the brain power and sharpens senses
    • It can help relieve backaches, headaches, muscle spasms and pain, reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

American Institute of Stress estimates that $1 million workers are absent everyday due to stress. Repetitive Musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel have become the nations leading workplace health cost and account for almost a third or all workers’ compensation claims.

The benefits on massage therapy and other alternative holistic modalities are proven to assist with overall moral and happiness of employees. We offer many ways to add wellness to your workplace.

Corporate Wellness Program

We work directly with companies offering exclusive benefits to their employees. Contact us at to learn more.

Lunch and Learn

This is a one hour lunch hour packed with health and wellness information. We can customize the topic according to the companies needs or you can chose from a list of topics that benefit the daily lives of employees at the workplace.

Chair Massage on Location

We can come to your office! We usually set up in an empty room or break area. We provide chair massage at $1/min. Once a date is selected, we provide everything needed to release the stress, aches and pains onsite!

Holiday Parties

We bring a team of licensed massage therapist to provide chair massage to your staff and guests for a time period chosen by you. $1 / min.

Team Trainings / Team Building Events

We host Destination Wellness packages that incorporates massage therapy, yoga classes, and nutrition information in a few hours up to a half day. Email for more information.

How do you know when its time to add wellness to your workplace?

  • A Stiff Neck
  • Aching Wrists
  • Shoulder that feel as someone has folded them
  • High Stress
  • Headaches
  • Needing Pain Relief

List of current companies that get a Corporate Wellness Discounts.