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Paul Jarrells

Position:Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Paul Jarrells first became interested in Asian healing modalities while training in Martial Arts as an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He trained in a Shiatsu based restorative massage therapy, which opened the door to a different way of thinking and Ancient healing techniques. While initially planning a career in Biomedical Research, Paul’s interests changed. Wanting to bring ancient and natural healing techniques to more people in the West, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in California. Paul stays true to utilizing the Five Pillars of Health, (Acupuncture; Herbal Medicine; Body work; movement/meditation and Diet), focusing on internal medicine (especially respiratory and digestive issues). Paul is licensed to practice Acupuncture in the state of Colorado, has a B.A. in Biology and a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He lives in Longmont with his Wife and daughter.