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Mary Geitner

Position:Licensed Massage Therapist
Mary Geitner, LMT brings a beautiful combination of presence, warmth and skill to her sessions. Her touch is deep, nurturing and integrative in nature. Try a 90-minute session with her and experience longer lasting benefits from the combination of total body relaxation with specific work on “trouble areas”. Mary’s sessions typically combine integrative massage; deep myofascial release; deep tissue; specific injury treatment; Positional Release Techniques; assisted stretching; breathing exercises; Polarity Therapy and energy balancing. She is a certified practitioner of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). She lives in Longmont with her husband and two daughters. She loves being outside gardening, soaking in our beautiful hot springs, running and hiking and makes times regularly in her life for massage, yoga and meditation.