BackJoy Roller Balls


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Relieve muscle pain and tightness through simple self-massage with BackJoy Roller Balls. BackJoy Roller Balls give you a safe and effective way to improve posture and to help reduce pain and tightness. The pressure applied by Roller Balls moves energy within the muscles, re-aligning the spine, increasing circulation and restoring the body to its natural state of balance and well-being.

The anatomical design targets both sides of the spine at once, while the connected design adds stability during use. Pressure from the self-massager helps release trigger points and tight muscles. Safe, effective, and portable, Roller Balls are a great way to self-treat your back pain and stiffness and help accelerate recovery.

• Safe, effective and portable
• Anatomical design targets both sides of the spine
• Pressure helps release trigger points
• Connected design adds stability during use