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Wellness Services at Be Well Bodyworks


Massage Therapy
Each client receives a personal consultation to ensure a customized experience. A sublime creation, tailored to your individual needs, that blends deep-tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, sports and other massage techniques.
This unique therapy stimulates specific nerve endings in the foot that correspond to the body’s organs and glands. Stimulating the appropriate region is intended to eliminate energy blockages, thus resulting in stress reduction and physiological changes in the related areas of the body.
Life style choices are examined, and we work together to realize any potential causes of imbalance in order to facilitate the changes needed to achieve improved health. With recommendations for essential oils, lifestyle changes, diet and nutrition, exercise and relaxation and any other appropriate solutions.
Yoga for Therapy
Private yoga sessions that are utilizing therapeutic techniques.  They will cover short-range isometric exercises & yoga stretch, yoga pose modifications to move pain-free and live a healthier & more confidant life. Also pose variations and exercises to help them regain joint mobility, prevent future pain with and injury or surgery.
Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. Acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain and to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. The stimulation boosts your body's natural painkillers and increases blood flow.  
Nutrition Counseling
Advises Individuals on how to improve diet, lifestyle and attitude to prevent disease and promote health. Works with previously diagnosed illnesses identity, biochemical imbalances and toxicities that contribute to poor health.


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Benefits of Massage:

  • Counteracts the stress response
  • Relieves pain from tight muscles  
  • Improves health and joint mobility      
  • Relieves itchy, dry skin  
  • Enhances restful sleep
  • Improves posture and circulation
  • Speeds healing from injuries or surgery
  • Increases vitality and energy    
  • Breaks the pain cycle
  • Eases tension headaches
  • Soothes muscular back pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Complements injury rehabilitation
  • Lessens depression and anxiety
  • Much, much more!

Be Well Signature MassageBe Well Signature Massage

Customized to your individual needs

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Medical MassageMedical Massage

We offer medical massage therapy to clients who have been referred to us by a physician to treat a specific area/injury

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Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue

Reduces pain
Breaks down knots and scar tissue
Aids in muscle recovery with increased circulation
Increases range of motion

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Ashiatsu Oriental Bar TherapyAshiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Deep compression massage
Therapist uses feet
Good for chronic pain
Addresses spinal pain including lower back, neck and thoracic

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Neuromuscular Massage TherapyNeuromuscular Massage Therapy

Restore motion
Release connective tissue from chronic injuries
Eliminate pain in tight areas of muscle

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Swedish MassageSwedish Massage

Light to medium pressure
improve blood flow
Promote relaxation
Improving well being

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Hot StoneHot Stone

Heated stones relax muscle and emotions
Melt away tension
$25.00 additional

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Sports MassageSports Massage

Increases flexibility, mobility, endurance and circulation
Decreases muscle soreness and increases flexibility
Reduces time out from an injury
Reduces risk of injury and recovery time

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Prenatal MassagePrenatal Massage

Designed for mothers-to-be
Relieves tension in weight-bearing joints
Alleviates swelling in hands and feet
Promotes relaxation and decreased insomnia

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Cranial Sacral MassageCranioSacral Massage

Ease migraines and headaches
Address chronic neck and back pain
Complement rehabilitation from brain and spinal cord injuries
Ease TMJ Syndrome

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