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About Be Well Bodyworks

About Be Well BodyworksFounded in 2000, Be Well Bodyworks is a massage therapy center in the Longmont area offering a pampering experience designed to promote stress relief and ease physical pain. Owner Kelly Hander is passionate about health and wellness, and she and her team invite you to experience a full range of services that meet your individual needs.

We encourage our clients to indulge in self-care and to use their time with us to create balance in their busy lives. Our massage suites have tranquil lighting and soft music to promote relaxation. At the end of your treatment, we expect that you will be walking taller, feeling lighter and prepared to take on the rigors of the days ahead.

Our compassionate healers are here to support your health and well-being. We proudly staff a professional team of Longmont's finest certified massage therapists to ensure that your treatment is performed by a professionally educated therapist who is dedicated to your health and safety. 

Certified Massage Therapists at Be Well Bodyworks


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Paul Jarrells first became interested in Asian healing modalities while training in Martial Arts as an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He trained in a Shiatsu based restorative massage therapy, which opened the door to a different way of thinking and Ancient healing techniques.

While initially planning a career in Biomedical Research, Paul’s interests changed. Wanting to bring ancient and natural healing techniques to more people in the West, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in California.

Paul stays true to utilizing the Five Pillars of Health, (Acupuncture; Herbal Medicine; Body work; movement/meditation and Diet), focusing on internal medicine (especially respiratory and digestive issues). Paul is licensed to practice Acupuncture in the state of Colorado, has a B.A. in Biology and a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He lives in Longmont with his Wife and daughter.

Linda Engelbrecht has worn many hats while working in the medical genre, but in 2013 she finally settled into her true calling as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She graduated with honors from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and from there, expanded her knowledge base by working at the Boulder County’s Farmers market in Longmont. The market taught her about organic and biodynamic farming practices, the importance of locally grown food, and about all the hard work the local farmers do for us. It was at that time that she found her passion for seasonal foods and the powerful nutritional punch they can hit us with when eaten during their natural growing season. Since graduating from Bauman, she continued her formal education – a wellness coaching program- and her professional experience by working with many individuals who have a variety of personal nutrition goals. Linda specializes in (but not limited to) improved blood sugars, adrenal support, reducing inflammation as well as the wellness aspects of food. The holistic approach to nutrition is important to her as she believes that the entire person must be engaged and involved in order to make lasting, life long change, but at the same time she addresses the nuts and bolts of nutrition education as well. No one-diet- fits-all for her. She brings an individualized touch when working with clients on their wellness goals,, On a personal note, Linda’s latest craze is her love of books and walking in nature. In other words, she discovered aubile.com and now enjoys listening to some of her favorite books while she hikes in the beloved Colorado Mountains. Eat well!!  
Allison Rissel believes our physical health directly affects our mental and emotional well-being. She has been helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through yoga, personal training & exercise since 2006. Allison holds her master's degree in Exercise Science, and her extensive anatomy & biomechanics training have given her the tools to work with a variety of clients including seniors, athletes, teens, and those suffering from chronic pain. She strongly believes that yoga is adaptable for every body and that proper modifications and adjustments can help relieve current pain or prevent future damage. Allison is also the co-owner of the enLIGHTen program, a coaching program that helps individuals lose weight and gain more energy by learning healthy behaviors through the use of the yoga chakra system. When she’s not at Be Well Bodyworks, she’s either playing outside or traveling around the country training new yoga teachers.
Linda’s interest in healing began when she would drag her mom to the health food store. After using aromatherapy to help with intense insomnia, she wanted to learn more. In 2003 she became a Registered Aromatherapist through the Aromatherapy Registration Council and then received a Diploma in Aromatherapy, with Honors, from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. To expand how she could help alleviate the health concerns of others, she became certified in two methods of reflexology: the Ingham Method and Aroma Reflexology. These treatments are invaluable for many individuals as they can help to balance the body and restore health. Linda Byington, RA, Cert. Reflex., is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. When she’s not working with clients she’s in her kitchen making vegan baked treats, at the dining table making jewelry, or in her office creating new blends.
Shayla Johnson is a Colorado native with over six years of experience. She specializes in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and injury rehabilitation. She has a passion for pain relief. When she is not at Be Well Bodyworks, she is either playing in the mountains, or teaching massage classes to the nest generation of therapists.
Dev is a Neuromuscular Therapist who's flexible and accommodating approach can be used for athletes, patients who need medical massage, or for clients who just want to relax and enjoy a quality massage.
Dev Gill, LMT graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver with multiple certifications to treat stress syndromes, myoskeletal imbalance, neuromuscular dysfunction, and soft tissue impairment. Since becoming licensed in 2014, he has been working as a medical massage therapist for clients seeking outcome based bodywork. Along with continuing education courses, Dev continues to attend the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado for advanced certifications to help him better acknowledge and treat the needs of clients from all walks of life. Dev likes to methodically integrate multiple modalities and theories with an emphasis on Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Muscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Articular Release and Alignment. When he isn't doing massage, Dev is working to become a personal trainer emphasizing functional movement and strength training. Dev likes to try new things and has had hobbies ranging from movies, the arts, poker, rugby, soccer, recreational shooting, weight lifting, indoor climbing, hiking, traveling, meditating and being in nature
Judy Meduna, LMT believes that good communication with her clients is essential in order to provide a great massage and to support the body’s natural healing process. Her goal is to utilize the benefits from massage therapy to help all clients enjoy pain free lives. She combines therapeutic massage techniques tailored to meet each individual’s needs. She lives in Longmont with her husband and three sons. In her free time, she enjoys camping, hiking, running, and spending time with her family and friends.
Mary Geitner, LMT brings a beautiful combination of presence, warmth and skill to her sessions. Her touch is deep, nurturing and integrative in nature. Try a 90-minute session with her and experience longer lasting benefits from the combination of total body relaxation with specific work on “trouble areas”. Mary’s sessions typically combine integrative massage; deep myofascial release; deep tissue; specific injury treatment; Positional Release Techniques; assisted stretching; breathing exercises; Polarity Therapy and energy balancing. She is a certified practitioner of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). She lives in Longmont with her husband and two daughters. She loves being outside gardening, soaking in our beautiful hot springs, running and hiking and makes times regularly in her life for massage, yoga and meditation.
Andie B, a 5 year old Yorkshire terrier has been a part of Be Well Bodyworks since she was 9 weeks old. She is not only the BeWell mascot, she is also the office manager and security alert system. She has a very calming and mellow personality, and loves to accompany her mom during massage sessions enjoying the energy work and peacefully napping.

While she is not attending therapy sessions, you will find her greeting clients and bringing smiles to everyone's faces daily in between her frequent naps.

Andie enjoys chasing squirrels, playing with her toys and going on adventures when she is out of the office.

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