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Linda, Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

Position:Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach
Linda has worn many hats while working in the medical genre, but in 2013 she finally settled into her true calling as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She graduated with honors from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and from there, expanded her knowledge base by working at the Boulder County’s Farmers market in Longmont. The market taught her about organic and biodynamic farming practices, the importance of locally grown food, and about all the hard work the local farmers do for us. It was at that time that she found her passion for seasonal foods and the powerful nutritional punch they can hit us with when eaten during their natural growing season. Since graduating from Bauman, she continued her formal education – a wellness coaching program- and her professional experience by working with many individuals who have a variety of personal nutrition goals. Linda specializes in (but not limited to) improved blood sugars, adrenal support, reducing inflammation as well as the wellness aspects of food. The holistic approach to nutrition is important to her as she believes that the entire person must be engaged and involved in order to make lasting, life long change, but at the same time she addresses the nuts and bolts of nutrition education as well. No one-diet- fits-all for her. She brings an individualized touch when working with clients on their wellness goals,, On a personal note, Linda’s latest craze is her love of books and walking in nature. In other words, she discovered and now enjoys listening to some of her favorite books while she hikes in the beloved Colorado Mountains. Eat well!!